Aug 11

This website will be closing down at the end of 2015.

Nov 04

Just a little update on Sleep Preventer. A few weeks ago I released version 1.3 of Sleep Preventer. Parameter support is a new feature in this version. You can now put Sleep Preventer in your StartUp folder in Windows, and add a /silent parameter to make it start up silently. You can also activate it at startup by using the /enable parameter. See the readme.txt file for even more parameters.

Download Sleep Preventer 1.3

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Nov 04

Yes, that’s right. Only ONE week left until Skyrim. I can’t wait. 😛

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Oct 11

Just one month left until The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim from Bethesda is released. I can’t wait. I’ve even ordered the slightly a bit too expensive Collectors Edition, but you get a big dragon statue after all. :)

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Oct 06

Steve Jobs unfortunately died today, after a long fight against the cancer. He will always be remembered for his great contributions and innovations to technology. It does not matter if you didn’t like Apple or his visions. He really did some amazing work, and it will still continue to drive the technology forward for years to come.

This is my tribute post to Steve Jobs.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

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Sep 10

My little application, Sleep Preventer, has now been updated to version 1.2. This version adds one new function (a request by a user), prevent your computer from falling asleep but let your display do. This will save som battery time on laptops if you need it running without the display. Also if you plan to run the application for several days on a desktop computer, I would also recommend to enable this function. My plans for the next version is to add parameter support, which lets you start up the application silently, and enable sleep preventing on startup. The application has had over 4000 downloads in just a few days. Originally, I created this application just for myself, but decided to put it up on my webpage in case someone else was interested.

Download Sleep Preventer 1.2

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Sep 04

Tried to run your favorite old Windows game in Windows 7, only to be met by garbaged colors and messed up graphics?

First of all, turn on the Compability settings to disable desktop composition, visual themes etc. by right clicking the executable – Selecting Properties – and selecting the Compability-tab. If it’s an old 256-color game running in 640×480 (like Diablo and Fallout), enable 256 colors and 640 x 480 resolution.

But maybe the most important setting which many overlook, is the GPU scaling setting. Intel, nVidia and ATI have GPU scaling settings in their drivers, and the default settings do not play very very well with the old 256-color games resulting in messed up colors. Disable scaling in the driver and let your display do the scaling of the picture, or enable full screen scaling (seems to work fine with most old games).

I’ve tested this (GPU scaling) on Intel, ATI and nVidia and made old games like Diablo and Fallout run without any graphical glitches.

If you want to play an old DOS game, I strongly recommend DOSBox. Many of the old adventure games like Monkey Island can be run in ScummVM.

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Dec 19

I am a former user of Quicksilver (another great application launcher), but as Quicksilver apparently (I’ve never seen an official statement from Blacktree) is not under development anymore I decided to try out Alfred as a replacement. At it’s current state it’s not as advanced as Quicksilver, but several of the most advanced features of Quicksilver were actually not needed in daily operations. Alfred has some unique features up it’s sleeve and is easy to use, configure and customize. The developers are actively releasing new versions with bugfixes and new features.

In order to utilize the application to it’s full potential you’ll need the Powerpack.
Currently it’s priced at £12 (special beta price).

Support the developers and buy it. The iTunes Mini Player is worth it all alone. :)


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Oct 30

New OS X section updated with new content. Linux on PS3 section removed (Sony removed support on all PS3 models a while ago too). A new site theme which has replaced the old one.

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Mar 24

Unlimited Detail, could it be the end of realtime computer graphics (aka polygons) as we know it today? Is it too good to be true? Check out the technology preview demo and decide for yourself. I do miss some information regarding physics, animation and shadows, but this is still early in the development process. The technology is based on point cloud data and a type of search algorithm which only processes the points visible on screen in the current camera angle. Check out their website for more details.

Link (technology demo):
Link (website):

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